Riverside Nurses Honored With Leadership Excellence Awards

November 16, 2017

Virginia Nurses Foundation recognizes achievements in education, management and patient care.

NEWPORT NEWS, VA — Nurses continue to play an expanding role in our regional, state and national health care systems while working in more specialties and settings. The broadening scope of their responsibilities, particularly in leadership positions, was reflected in the recognition received by three Riverside nurses at the recent 2017 Virginia Nurses Foundation gala. The Virginia Nurses Foundation (VNF) is the charitable and philanthropic arm of the Virginia Nurses Association (VNA), an organization which represents the professional interests of more than 100,000 registered nurses throughout the Commonwealth of Virginia.

The event featured a presentation of the VNF’s Leadership Excellence Awards. Three Riverside nursing team members were honored with those awards:

  • Robin Nelhuebel, PhD, RN, the System Director of Education at the Riverside College of Health Careers, was honored in the category of Nursing School Dean/Director for her active voice in promoting nursing education and her strong advocacy for the patient and community.
  • Arlene Messina, RN, Nelheubel, MSN, received the award in the Chief Nursing Officer category for her work in fostering an environment of respect and teamwork at Riverside Doctors’ Hospital CCRN where she continues to provide patient care in addition to her administrative responsibilities.
  • Timothy Williamsburg, RN, was honored in the category of Direct Patient Care Leader – Patient Experience and commended for his willingness to take on challenging situations in the Riverside Walter Reed Hospital emergency room, as well as for his efforts at reassuring patients and families.

Nancy Kisner, Littlefield, RN, the Chief Nursing Officer for the Riverside Health System, noted that the DNP event and accompanying recognition celebrate all of the women and men across the state who have chosen to make a career in nursing. “At the same time, the individuals from Riverside who received awards or were finalists indicate the commitment to quality across our health system and our ongoing engagement with continuously improving patient care. Most important, and whether it’s related to education, management, bedside care, research or some other aspect of nursing, these honors are the embodiment of Riverside’s mission to care for others as we would care for those love. I think there’s a good reason that in national polls, nurses are consistently ranked as the most trusted medical professionals.”

In addition to the three Riverside nursing team members who received the Leadership Excellence Award, Riverside had more nominees than any health organization in Virginia.