Northern Neck Community Introduces Complex Care Center

April 18, 2016

For the Northern Neck community, the new Complex Care Center on the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital (RTH) campus, focuses on providing pain and symptom management for individuals whose functional status is impaired through a variety of specialized services.

To effectively coordinate care for each patient, we foster collaboration between the patient, caregivers, the primary care physician and specialists, and our expert team in geriatrics and palliative care, as well as community-based organizations.  Our program includes a Nurse Navigator to ensure that care and transitions are efficiently coordinated.

Our dedicated team approach enables each patient to live with dignity and the best possible quality of life.

Key Services
Through our Complex Care Clinic on the RTH campus, and with virtual services, we are able to assist patients in the Northern Neck and Tappahannock region and beyond.

Riverside Complex Care Center is led by Board-certified Geriatrician, Dr. Jihyun Im, M.D. Through consultations with primary care providers and hospitalists, Dr. Im will lend her expertise to managing the unique care needs of patients with complex and chronic illnesses.

Our services address the needs of mainly aging populations and include:

Geriatric consultation/assessment  
Geriatric Team evaluation assessing key focus areas—memory, critical thinking, incontinence, fall risk, depression, and medication review;recommendation for appropriate screenings

Palliative care consultation
Patient symptom and pain management needs evaluations;support and guidance for patients and families facing the challenges of serious illness and difficult treatment decisions

Complex care coordination
Nurse Navigator dedicated to coordinating care and communication among patients, caregivers, primary care providers, specialists and community-based services

Access to Riverside home health care
Home health services allow patients recovering from illness, injury or hospital stay to recover in the comfort of their own homes

Access to with Riverside hospice care
Support for pain management and end-of-life care including physical, emotional, social and spiritual care for patients and families

Contact and Follow-Up Information
For more information contact our Complex Care Program Coordinator at 804-466-3270.

Riverside is committed to redefining and advancing quality care for aging adults in our community. Following the patient evaluation, our Geriatrician will contact your primary care provider with findings and a recommended plan of care.