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Heart and Vascular

Riverside Regional Medical Center Unveils Cardiac and Vascular Hybrid Operating Room

September 02, 2019


Heart operating

The dual-purpose operating room is the first on the Virginia Peninsula.

Newport News, Va. – Improving the patient experience is at the heart of Riverside Health System’s new Cardiac and Vascular Hybrid Operating Room (Hybrid OR) – the first of its kind on the Peninsula.

The 1,000-square-foot Hybrid OR, which opened to patient care earlier this year, is twice the size of a typical operating room and features robotic imaging technology that allows surgeons to perform more complex vascular procedures.

“This is much better for the patient, and the biggest advantage is that they don’t have to leave the community to get the higher-level vascular and cardiac procedures,” said Mike Doucette, Riverside Vice President and Administrator for Riverside Regional Medical Center. “They can get them right here.”

Dr. Edward Chu, Riverside cardiologist, noted that he’s “been looking forward to this for a long time. What we have now is the ability to deliver basically any procedure that is in within our capability.”
“You have to have true expertise in the field to start a program,” said Dr. Chu. “We have that here at Riverside.”


Unlike a typical operating room, the Hybrid OR is a multi-purpose suite where patients can have diagnostic, interventional and surgical procedures all performed in one place.

“Prior to us having this room, patients would start in the catheter lab (for a minimally invasive procedure) and then surgery was needed they’d have to be transported to the operating room,” said Jessica Macalino, Vascular and Pulmonary Service Coordinator. “While geographically the rooms weren’t far from each other, you’d still be breaking a sterile environment. If you’re in the Hybrid OR, you won’t need to change rooms. It will be much more efficient.”

Riverside vascular surgeon Dr. Joseph Piotrowski considers the Hybrid OR a “tremendous benefit” to patients.

“In many cases, we can do in one procedure what would otherwise require two separate procedures on two separate days,” said Dr. Piotrowski.
Published: September 3, 2019