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Middle Peninsulas Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center Expands Hours Strength Training Area Studio

March 22, 2017

GLOUCESTER, VA. –As we celebrate February as American Heart Health Month, the Riverside Middle Peninsula Wellness and Fitness Center is pleased to announce enhancements to the Gloucester facility that will make it easier for the community and its members to exercise the most important muscle they have. Effective immediately, the Middle Peninsula Wellness and Fitness Center is open earlier, now at 5:30 a.m. Monday through Friday, giving members more time to exercise in the morning.

The center also recently unveiled its new Strength Training Area, which it expanded from 800 square feet to 1800 square feet, making the space both safer and more comfortable to train in. A new studio was also constructed for group programs such as yoga and for individuals to use when classes are not in session.

Free Wi-Fi coverage is also now available throughout both the cardiovascular and strength training areas, allowing members to stream music, videos, podcasts and more during their workouts without having to use their own mobile data plans. 

These changes and upgrades came as a result of Riverside listening to the feedback of its members, said Bob Kane, Director of the Riverside Wellness and Fitness Centers on the Middle Peninsula and in Newport News. "The wellness center was built in Gloucester in 1989 for 1989," Kane said. "We had no idea how much support then that we'd get from the community back then, and quite frankly, the support has been overwhelming through the years." Today, the center boasts more than 4,000 members and they are still growing.

"When we asked for feedback, our members gave it to us, and we listened," Kane said. "We believe these enhancements will allow everyone to pursue a healthier lifestyle in 2016, and we look forward to helping all of our members meet their fitness goals."

The Riverside Wellness and Fitness Center on the Middle Peninsula is located at 7516 Hospital Drive in Gloucester, on the Walter Reed Hospital campus near the historic Main Street area. The Middle Peninsula Wellness and Fitness Center also features an indoor pool, indoor track, outdoor tennis court, racquetball courts, indoor basketball court and volleyball court. Exercise equipment through the facility includes strength training, free weights, cardiovascular equipment and a cardio theater. Group exercise programs, swimming lessons and yoga are offered, with schedules available at the front desk. Special services include a nursery, massage therapy, personal training and fitness testing.

For more information about membership, fitness classes and other wellness options, call 804.693.8888.