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RTH Adds Three Residents to its Board of Directors

February 02, 2016

Riverside Tappahannock Hospital welcomes three new members to its Board of Directors, to include Patricia Gallagher, Iris Lane and George Longest.

As part of the voluntary Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Board of Directors, Gallagher, Lane and Longest are part of the Riverside Health System in which each of the Riverside affiliates throughout the region is governed by a voluntary Board of Directors.

The Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Board of Directors is composed of community members from throughout the Tappahannock and Northern Neck service region. The board meets the Monday before the 4th Wednesday every month.

The board's role is to "help provide direction to the administrator as to how the hospital delivers on its mission to care for others as we would care for those we love," said Jackie Nunnery, marketing business partner at Riverside Tappahannock Hospital. "This includes what services we will deliver, how we will deliver care and how we will reach out to the community."

Patricia Gallagher

Gallagher is a lifelong resident of the Northern Neck and has worked for EVB for more than 30 years. Her philanthropic and civic involvement includes St. Margaret's School, the University of Richmond, Rappahannock Community College, St. John's Episcopal Church vestry, Rotary International and other organizations or committees.Patricia Gallagher

Gallagher said she watched Riverside Tappahannock Hospital (RTH) evolve from a very small hospital with limited services to a larger facility that has attracted specialized physicians and practices in an effort to bring a higher quality of health care to neighboring communities. Gallagher said she is pleased to join the board and medical professionals who put the needs of others before their own interest.

"I marvel at the sense of purpose and pride that RTH employees have as care givers," she said. "A strong hospital is vital to the quality of life that our residents enjoy. A good health care provider is not only essential to the overall health of our citizens, but it also is key to a healthy economy. Local access to specialists and credentialed physicians are critical to enriching the lives and health of our citizenry. The dedicated team of medical professionals at RTH embrace the hospital's mission and demonstrate day in and day out an unwavering passion around delivering exemplary health care in a compassionate and nurturing environment."

Gallagher envisions RTH promoting excellent health by providing the highest quality of comprehensive care to the community. This includes to "be regarded as the health care provider of choice to members of the community, attract highly trained physicians who take pride in making RTH home for their respective practices and be recognized overall for excellence in health care delivery."

Iris Lane

Lane was attracted to serving RTH as a way of giving back to the community and doing what she can to help, she said. Her late sister was a nurse and Lane recalls how even after she had retired from nursing due to health issues remained a "nurse on call" offering advice to friends and community members who called her.Iris Lane

"It's all about giving back to the community," Lane said.

Lane has a specific interest in being on the board in connecting education and the health care field. She recalled when she was with the Department of Education and visiting a magnet school at Baylor University.

"The kids who attended the magnet school had a direct connection to the medical school at Baylor University," Lane said. "A whole seamless connection between K-12 and post-secondary and the health care field. I can give feedback on my experiences and maybe they want to secure more partnerships between K-12 and post-secondary education and the hospital."

She also wants to explore enhancing RTH services in the community.

George Longest

Born and raised on a family farm in King and Queen County, Longest has worked for Essex Bank for 26 years in various management capacities. He is the Area Executive for the Eastern Region, with an office in Tappahannock.

Longest said he has been active in the various banking trade associations over the years and is chairman of the King and QueenGeorge Longest Economic Development Committee and president of the Tappahannock-Essex Chamber of Commerce.

Longest has previously served on the hospital's board and called it a great experience.

"I have met some great individuals through the years and learned a great deal about the health care industry," he said. "I have witnessed over the past 25 years how the hospital has changed and the level of professionalism that has been brought to this facility. I understand how fortunate that we are in a rural area to have a facility such as Riverside Tappahannock Hospital and all the supporting services that go with it, both economically and for the citizens of the community and I want to offer whatever support I can to make sure that continues."

His vision for the hospital includes for its continued growth in Tappahannock and surrounding communities and to "continue to bring in the quality providers like they have in the past and to be recognized in the community as a quality provider of health care services right here in our community."

Gallagher, Lane and Longest join 15 other members of the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Board of Directors.

Local members of the Riverside Tappahannock Hospital Board of Directors include: Alice G. Burgess;Esther M. Desimini;Alexander F. Dillard III;James R. Dudley;Richard K. Dunn;Frances H. Ellis;Darryl E. Fisher;Jeffrey M. Haskins;Joel M. Jones;James L. Thorn Sr.