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Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary Funds Nursing Scholarships

December 04, 2018



Pictured left to right: Heather Daisey, Anna Estelle, Tiffany Jones, Cailyn Grames, Laura Bloxom. Not pictured: Shayvonne Taylor


As part of a decades-long tradition of supporting continuing education for hospital team members, the Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary gave scholarships to six nurses who are pursuing further education.

Scholarships were awarded to Laura Bloxom, Heather Daisey, Anna Estelle, Cailyn Grames, Tiffany Jones and Shayvonne Taylor. The scholarships totaled $15,000.
The scholarship awardees included a Certified Nursing Assistant who is taking classes to become a nurse, as well as nurses who wish to advance their career and professional development by completing their BSN (Bachelors of Science in Nursing) – a four-year degree that includes clinical rotations to apply classroom skills in the real world.

The Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital Auxiliary has supported heath care on the Eastern Shore of Virginia for nearly 100 years. Their tireless fundraising began with, and was instrumental in, the construction of the first hospital in the 1920s. They have also supported the construction of the 1971 hospital and 2003 cancer center in Nassawadox as well as the most recent Shore Health Services campus in Onancock.
The Auxiliary’s efforts have funded new equipment, renovations and comfort items for patients and their visitors. Perhaps their most impressive investment has been their support of continuing education for the hospital’s nurses.

John Peterman, Vice President and Administrator at Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital, was impressed by the Auxiliary’s foresight. “This is a long-term investment which will pay dividends for years to come. Our nursing team is critical to our patients’ recovery and to their experience. As our nurses grow in their profession, there is a ripple effect throughout our organization as a whole.”

Ann Williams, President of the Auxiliary, said, “The Auxiliary enjoys the support of the entire community, and by helping these nurses to learn more and offer more to their patients, we are able to give back to the entire community. It is a special thrill for us to be able to help them further their career goals and develop into future leaders.”
Published: November 19, 2018