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Riverside Regional Medical Center Recognizes Team Member For 55 Years of Service

June 02, 2019
jeanette rumble

When her sister suggested she apply for a job as a cashier at the local hospital, Jeanette Rumble jumped at the opportunity. She was living in Newport News and looking for a new, full-time job where she could meet new friends and build a career.

That was 55 years ago.

Rumble, now 75, can still be seen prepping food in the cafeteria one evening a week at Riverside Regional Medical Center.

Earlier this year, Riverside Health System recognized Rumble for her impressive career, honoring her as the longest serving team member during a ceremony attended by her family, friends and co-workers.

“We love seeing Jeanette every Friday afternoon, and we’re glad she still chooses to spend that time with us contributing to our department,” said Nick Tetreault, Retail Manager in the Nutrition Services department at Riverside.

Though she officially “retired” 13 years ago at the young age of 62, Rumble continued to work part-time.

She would come in three days a week helping set up and maintain the serving stations in the cafeteria. She eventually tapered off to one five-hour shift a week after undergoing a knee replacement a couple years ago.

While many of Rumble’s former managers and co-workers have since retired, current management is constantly in awe of her dedication.

“Jeanette is an inspiration to the younger generation when it comes to work ethic,” said Sandra Jones, Lead Supervisor of the Nutrition Services department.

Jones has worked with Rumble for nearly 40 years and can’t recall her ever being late to work.

“She is a dedicated worker and she is always on time, 55 years on time,” said Jones. “She is always dressed to impress.”

"Jeanette is a joy and an inspiration,” said Rick Bishop, Director of Nutrition Services at the hospital. “She comes to work ready and willing to do whatever is needed. She always has something nice to say and is very pleasant.”

So, what’s her secret to a multidecade career?

Simply put, she loves her job.

“I just liked doing what I did, and I liked the people,” said Rumble.

Rumble has fond memories of her early days working as a cashier and is amazed at how much technology has changed. She recalled operating the old cash registers by “banging on the keys” – a far cry from the sophisticated computerized systems used today. She also enjoyed how close-knit her work family was and how it was a place where everyone knew each other’s names and would play cards together between shifts.

Though she doesn’t work as a cashier anymore, she enjoys coming to work on Fridays and tending to whatever duties await her. She also looks forward to the socialization.

“I’ve worked with the public for a long time,” Rumble said, “and I enjoy being around people.”