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Riverside Pavilion Moves in Patients as Scheduled

September 11, 2018

Riverside Regional Pavilion Expansion Exterior

Newport News, Va. – A commitment to the highest level of patient care has taken shape over the past two years at Riverside Regional Medical Center with a 150,000 square-foot expansion at the Pavilion, which moved in new patients this week and began patient care as scheduled.

The $75 million expansion transformed Riverside Regional Medical Center into a fully private room hospital, with each of its 144 rooms featuring windows that allow for natural light to aid in the healing process.

Key to the growth is a continuation of Riverside’s system-wide technology investment, which creates a lifeline between patient and provider and helps support the medical team as they deliver state-of-the-art compassionate care.

Riverside Regional Pavilion Expansion Patient Room

Both the Medical Intensive Care Unit and Cardiac Care Unit feature four additional beds, for a total of 18 on each unit. Multiple ceiling-mounted patient lifts there will make for smooth transitions in and out of beds. New technology includes Hill-Rom specialized patient beds that “talk” to staff via wireless phones and alert them instantly to any issues. These beds can also weigh patients, adjust to a chair setting and alert staff when a patient gets up.

A visual alert system outside patient rooms allow staff to see quickly where help is needed and, when staff enters the room, technology senses the response and cancels the call. That helps staff get right to work addressing the patient’s needs.

Wireless monitoring track patients whether they are in their rooms, on the way to or from a procedure like imaging or dialysis, or making a trip to the bathroom. The same wireless technology also allows real-time tracking of staff and supplies.

Riverside Regional Pavilion Expansion Technology

In-room computers aid in immediate charting to track a patient’s treatment, which frees up staff from paperwork to attend to patient needs.

For staff those who are visiting loved ones at the Pavilion, there’s now a quiet space for respite. The Sanctuary, created with support from the Peninsula Make a Difference Committee in partnership with Riverside’s Foundation and funded through generous community contributions, is located on the first floor behind the pharmacy.

The expansion brings the Pavilion to 400,000 square feet.