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Riverside Health Launches Transformative Campaign for Neurosciences

April 30, 2024
Neuro Campaign 2024

Over the past five decades, Riverside Health has stood as a pillar of hope for patients and their loved ones as they walk through neurological challenges such as memory loss, Parkinson’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cancer, stroke, and mental health concerns. The prevalence of mental health and neurodevelopmental disorders has been on a steady rise and will continue to grow in the coming years, showcasing the need to expand services and resources in the communities Riverside serves. 

Riverside Health and the Riverside Foundation (Foundation) are launching the public phase of their Campaign for Neurosciences, which encompasses several initiatives, including memory care, mental health and recovery, stroke, brain and spine care, movement disorders and chronic neurological conditions. This initiative, driven by the understanding and support of our community, will provide new services and resources while elevating Riverside’s existing Neurosciences programs, ensuring that Riverside will continue to be a beacon of hope for individuals facing neurological challenges today and into the future.

“The stories from those we serve and those who have been impacted by neurological challenges have deeply touched our hearts and underscore the importance of this campaign,” says Kristen Witt, Chief Philanthropy Officer. “Driven by our community, we know this initiative isn’t just an investment in Riverside’s future but an investment in the community we call home and will offer hope and healing for generations to come.”

In late 2021, the groundwork for the campaign began, followed by the formation of a cabinet comprising philanthropic-minded community members, which initiated its work in 2022. The Foundation set out to raise over $11 million, and through the overwhelming support and generosity of individuals, families and organizations, that initial goal was met in March of this year. This remarkable support highlights the significant impact that can be realized when communities come together in support of worthwhile causes. As the Foundation transitions to the public phase of this campaign, it is excited to announce its new goal of $12 million in support of Riverside’s Neuroscience services. 

“This campaign, will support the work that we are currently doing in the field of Neurosciences, and take it to the next level. We can be involved with more research, [and] we can be more involved with education for people in our community,” says Riverside Chief Executive Officer, Mike Dacey, M.D.

Former CEO and current Executive Vice Chairman Bill Downey noted, “Our objective is to build upon the existing services we provide, ensuring that those in our community do not need to travel for world-class care, but rather they can find it right here in their own community.” 

To learn more about the Campaign for Neurosciences or to give, please visit riversideonline.com/neurocampaign or contact the Riverside Foundation by calling 757-234-8740 or emailing [email protected].