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Fifth Grader Holds Bake Sale for Riverside Shore Cancer Patients

December 28, 2016
Fifth Grader Holds Bake Sale for Riverside Shore Cancer Patients

?bake sale andre baines

Kiptopeke Elementary fifth grader Andre Baines rallied his family to help solve a problem.?"People die from cancer," he said.?"I wanted to help."?On November 5, in the chilly morning and well into the afternoon, the Baines family held a bake sale on Railroad Avenue just off Route 13 in Painter.?The proceeds were earmarked for the Riverside Shore Cancer Center.

They had a variety of cakes and snacks for sale as well as bottled water.?Baines was the host and salesperson, and was responsible for helping customers choose their items and then for accepting payment.

According to Baines's mother, Asia Baines, "It was all Andre's idea."

On November 9, Baines delivered the proceeds of the sale to John Peterman, Vice President and Administrator for Riverside on the Shore, and Beverly Bowden and Ashley Greer, Director and Nurse at the Riverside Shore Cancer Center.

Peterman remarked, "Andre Baines is a leader even at his young age.?He already understands that it feels good to help others, and Riverside truly appreciates his help on behalf of our cancer patients.?I hope when Andre grows up he will live on the Shore and continue to be a leader in this community."