Women's History Month

Women's Health and Wellness
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To celebrate this theme, each week in March we will spotlight the contributions and accomplishments of women who are health care heroes and in key areas of leadership within Riverside and our community. We will also share facts about disparities in health care for women and how Riverside and our partners are making a difference through education, programs and services.

Stacey Johnson_RBHC 

Stacey Johnson

Hospital President RBHC/Vice President
Riverside Behavioral Health Center
Hire Date: December 10, 2018

This is such a great time to thank the female leaders we have had during our career that have laid the foundation for so many of us.

Robyn House_PWD 

Robyn House 

Director, Professional Workforce Development
Professional Workforce Development
Hire Date: July 23, 1979

It is important to network with other women leaders, so I celebrate throughout the year. I attend many events for women through the Peninsula Chamber of Commerce, The Women’s Coastal Leadership Forum, The Virginia Tech Women Impact Virginia forum and I coordinate Ladies Leadership Series at Riverside!

Debbie Campbell_CWD 

Debbie Campbell

Director Nurse Residency Program and Community Engagement
Clinical Workforce Development
Hire Date: May 11, 1981

I celebrate Women’s History by reflecting on the great women in leadership roles who have gone on before us. What led the applicant to want to work at Riverside? My family members (grandmother and sister) had received excellent care at Riverside when I was a child/teenager. I decided that I wanted to become a nurse and work at Riverside and my dream became a reality on May 11, 1981.

Diana Jarrett_LLH 

Diana Jarrett

Nurse Executive
Riverside Lifelong Health Administration
Hire Date: January 6, 2020

I pay homage to the special women who were pivotal in my life. They are not famous, but they are very special to me. Women who exemplified strength, courage, faith, compassion and taught me life lessons that have carried me through peaks and valleys in life. They’re all gone now, Janice (Mom), Florence (great grandmother), Othella (grandmother), Pearline (Aunt), and Gerry (Godmother). I honor them each day remembering those early lessons. Miss you ladies every day. Thank you for your love and the many gifts you left with me.

Jessica Macalino_Cardio 

Jessica Macalino

Associate Vice President, Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Services
Cardiovascular and Pulmonary
Hire Date: November 2017

I choose to celebrate Women’s History Month by recognizing the many achievements and contributions women have made throughout history that have paved the way for me and several others. I am incredibly grateful to be surrounded by so many strong, powerful, kind and brilliant women who inspire me daily.

Barbara Jones_LLH 

Barbara Jones

RN Patient Transition Coordinator RHH at RRMC
Lifelong Health and Aging
Hire Date: August 28, 1988

I try to be a good role model in everyday life, sharing and uplifting the next person.