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Voice Health Management

Voice health management is part of Riverside Performing Arts Medicine, a program that brings people together with physicians and therapists who have professional backgrounds in performance. Because they have experience as performers, our providers understand the demands of performing arts and the importance of timely recovery.

Voice Clinic

Voice Clinic is designed to help people with their speaking and singing voice. We often take our voices for granted until a problem occurs. Voice health management focuses on both recovery from injury as well as injury prevention.

A professional voice user is a person who depends on their voice for their profession, for example, singers, actors, educators, clergy, attorneys, etc. Even if you do not depend on your voice for your livelihood, the Voice Clinic team understands the importance of your voice health for communication and artistic expression.

Symptoms of a voice problem include pain, vocal fatigue, reduced range, hoarseness, change in voice quality, and increased effort to speak or sing. At the Voice Clinic, we offer a comprehensive evaluation of your voice with a Laryngologist, Dr. Catherine Lintzenich and Voice Pathologist, Ann Cyptar, including videostroboscopy. We will provide medical, wellness, and voice therapy recommendations tailored to your individual concerns and voice demands.

Voice Evaluations Using Videostroboscopy

Our team, Dr. Catherine Lintzenich and Ann Cyptar conduct voice evaluations using state-of-the-art videostroboscopy. This procedure examines the integrity of the vocal cords by recording vibration and movement using video technology and special lighting.

Videostroboscopy is performed in the medical office and there is no special preparation needed. The provider typically uses a topical anesthetic to numb the nose or mouth through which an endoscope or tube is passed. It is through this endoscope that the provider will visualize the vocal cords and record sound and movement. The procedure is only about 20 minutes, is pain-free and results are available at the same visit.

Our Voice Clinic is offered on the first and third Fridays of each month. To schedule your appointment, call 757-534-6126.

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