Performing Arts Medicine

Riverside's Performing Arts Medicine program is the region's only program designed to meet the unique medical needs of professional, non-professional and aspiring dancers, singers, musicians and actors. Our team of physicians and therapists have backgrounds in the performing arts. We provide the highest quality of care and rehabilitation with an appreciation and dedication to the special needs of performing artists.

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Are you a Dancer?

We are too. Our physicians and therapists have professional backgrounds in performing arts which allows us to fully understand your unique medical needs. Get back into the studio as soon as possible with treatment from our expert physicians and therapists.
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Improve Your Range

Working with our voice team can help ensure your voice's quality and longevity. Request an appointment by visiting our NEW Voice Clinic! We provide compassionate and comprehensive vocal care for singers, teachers, lawyers and other voice professionals.
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Have a Positive Performance

Our team will coach you through your physiological reaction to the fight or flight response to help you defeat performance anxiety. Want a stress-free performance? We'll synchronize your mind and body for your best show yet.
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Tuning Up Musicians

By maximizing your posture, body mechanics and seating/playing arrangements, we'll get you back to pain-free playing in no time. Ready for pain-free playing? Musicians of all levels will greatly benefit from our Posture and Play Assessment.
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