Navigating COVID-19

Riverside monitors COVID-19 data trends in our facilities and communities daily and may update the guidelines as needed to provide safe care for everyone. We appreciate your support in advance for helping us keep our patients, visitors, and team members safe while also encouraging families and friends to support the healing process.

Designated Support Person

Virginia state law requires all hospitals (except long-term acute care and specialty rehabilitation), ambulatory surgical centers, and hospice facilities to allow a person with a disability who requires support and assistance due to the disability to be accompanied by a designated support person when health care services are being provided. If services last more than 24 hours, the patient may designate more than one designated support person to accompany the patient at different times throughout the stay.

For purposes of the law, person with a disability means a person who, prior to admission to a medical facility, had a physical, sensory, mental, or emotional impairment that substantially limits one or more activities of daily living or has a record of such impairment.

A patient with a disability, who requires support and assistance due to the disability, may elect to be accompanied by a designated support person during an admission. Such designated support person may be required to comply with all reasonable requirements of our facility, and be restricted to specific areas of the premises, to protect health and safety. Our facility may request documentation indicating that a patient has a disability or perform an objective assessment if no documentation is provided.

Effective June 1, 2023

COVID-19 Visitation Updates

At Riverside, safety is our highest priority. Riverside encourages visitors to wear a mask and observe social distancing while inside a Riverside facility. Thank you in advance for helping us keep our team members, patients, and visitors safe while also encouraging families and friends to support the healing process.

Find out what patients, care partners and guests need to know at your hospital:

Riverside Regional Medical Center

Riverside Doctors Hospital Williamsburg

Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Riverside Shore Memorial Hospital

Riverside Medical Group appointments

Updated as of June 1, 2023 

For the safety of our patients and team members please wear a mask if:

  • You are seeking treatment for a viral illness such as COVID-19 or the flu.
  • You are caring for someone with a suspected or confirmed viral illness such as COVID-19 or the flu

Some Riverside locations may require masking for the safety of our patients and care team members. As always, a provider may request the visitor to wait outside during an exam or testing if necessary for patient safety.

Thank you for your understanding and consideration to our providers, team members and fellow patients.

Riverside Behavioral Health 

Riverside Behavioral Health Center Visitation. 

Visitation at Lifelong Health Nursing & Assisted Living Facilities

Updated as of June 1, 2023

We are happy to welcome visitors to our facility. Visitation can occur at any time if the core principles of infection prevention are followed. However, there are risks to visitation to our residents, teams, and visitors, especially during outbreaks or when the local community transmission levels are substantial or high. When visiting, you will see instructional signage throughout our facilities with the following information:

  • The current status of outbreaks or community transmission levels,
  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE),
  • Risks of visitation,
  • Facility processes,
  • Core infection prevention practices. For example, if the local community transmission rate is high or substantial, masking, and physical distancing is required at all times (i.e., must remain masked and socially distant even in the resident's room).
    • Compassionate Care exceptions can be made for the physical distancing requirement on a case-by-case basis.

Visitors must follow the facility's protocols, and visitors who cannot adhere to the core principles of COVID-19 infection prevention will be asked to leave. 

Bereavement support

Riverside is here to support you with a variety of resources to assist with comfort, coping and healing. Find out how Riverside Hospice bereavement support services can help at a time of loss.