Navigating COVID-19

Updated October 27, 2021

What You Need to Know

On October 21, 2021, the FDA authorized booster doses for Pfizer, Moderna and Janssen/Johnson and Johnson vaccines.  With their approval, individuals completing primary series vaccination with any of the three authorized vaccines may choose to get a booster with any of the authorized vaccines, not only the vaccine originally received.  
For Pfizer and Moderna, a booster dose of any of the three authorized vaccines can be obtained:

  • 6 months or more after the primary series for those 65 and older
  • Those 18 and older in long-term care settings
  • Those 18 and older with underlying medical condition.
  • Those 18 and older who work or live-in high-risk settings.

For Janssen/Johnson and Johnson, a booster dose of any of the three authorized vaccines can be obtained: 

  • 2 months or more after the primary series for those 18 and older.

For the immunocompromised:

  • If you have an immunocompromising condition, you are eligible for a third, or additional dose, 28 days after your2nd dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna).  You are then eligible for a booster of any approved vaccine 6 months after the third, or additional dose.   

To ensure safety and maximize access, Riverside Medical Group COVID-19 vaccine locations will offer only the Pfizer vaccine.  For those seeking to obtain a booster of Moderna or Janssen/Johnson and Johnson, visit to locate vaccine venues in your area. 

Riverside Health System is providing COVID vaccinations, including boosters. COVID vaccine doses – including vaccine booster - are widely available and can maximize protection that may otherwise decrease slightly over time. To schedule your vaccine with Riverside, please see below for options:

  • Drive through Community Clinics: Riverside is offering Pfizer 1st, 2nd, 3rd dose and vaccine boosters at their flu clinics in the Peninsula, Williamsburg, Middle Peninsula, and the Eastern Shore. Booster shots will be available for those who are eligible per the CDC criteria listed above. If you have an underlying condition, please discuss with your primary care physician or specialist, who can help determine if a booster is needed and schedule you for a vaccine. For a listing of dates and locations, please visit here.
  • Existing Riverside patients can schedule through their Riverside MyChart account.
  • Call 757-534-5050 to schedule.
  • If you are not a Riverside patient or do not have a Riverside MyChart account, you can schedule your 1st, 2nd, 3rd dose or vaccine booster here.
  • You can also click here for more vaccine scheduling information.

Additional vaccine booster scheduling options include: 

Upcoming COVID Vaccine Clinics
Date: 10/30 - Saturday
Time: 10am-1pm
Location: Mt. Gilead Baptist Church, 1057 Kennedy Street, Norfolk 23513
Vaccine: Pfizer (all doses)

Date: 10/30 - Saturday
Time: 6am-8pm
Location: Giamo Halloween, 631 Aberdeen Road, Hampton, VA 23661
Vaccine: Pfizer (all doses)

Date: 11/3 - Wednesday
Time: 2pm-6pm
Location: Riverside Rehabilitation Institute, 250 Josephs Drive, Yorktown, VA 23693
Vaccines: Moderna (booster dose)
Eligibility: Those individuals who received either Pfizer or Moderna primary 2-dose series 6 or more months previously and are age 65 and older or 18-64 with health status or occupation placing them at risk of severe COVID-19 disease OR those individuals 18 and older who received Janssen/Johnson and Johnson as a primary series 2 or months previously.
Registration requested:

Schedule through Vaccine Finder. Vaccine Finder will provide vaccine locations in the community where you live.

If you are homebound and need to schedule your COVID 1st, 2nd, 3rd dose or vaccine booster, please call the Peninsula Health District Vaccine Strike Team at 757-594-7748. You may leave your name and address to ensure you and each of your family members or caretakers are able to receive the vaccine.

Proof of prior Pfizer vaccination (vaccine card) will be required at Riverside Clinics. If you have lost your card, you can get a new card that you can print out by clinking here.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

Even after you receive the vaccine, you may be able to pick up the virus, carry it and give it to others. Please continue to follow state and national safety guidelines. While vaccine distribution is an essential part of our COVID-19 response, it will take many months before a large portion of the population can be vaccinated. Efforts like wearing masks, social distancing, avoiding large gatherings, and practicing hand hygiene remain essential to reduce the spread.

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