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A New Option That Brings Retirement Planning Home

A Personalized Approach for Your Life

ChooseHome enables you to create a safety net of services - personalized to your specific goals and situation - that will not only support you if you ever need care, but will allow you to stay in control no matter what the future may hold.


Remain Comfortably In Your Home

With all its comforts, memories and familiarity, your home is an important part of who you are. This program supports your ability to remain there regardless of the healthcare, non-medical services or other support you may need in the future.


Your Plan for Future Healthcare Costs

Developing a plan for the future that supports your lifestyle and wish to remain independent is more important now than ever. By investing in ChooseHome, you have the ability to take more control of your future by "locking in" the costs of long-term care - and avoiding its gaps and limitations.

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Williamsburg, VA, 23185

Age Successfully in Your Own Home

ChooseHome's comprehensive plan helps you maintain your lifestyle and ensure you are able grow older where and how you choose.

Independence with the Support You Need

You have access to a wide array of support services as well as progressive levels of care when you need it. Your independence, the best gift to give your children.

A Plan to Help Cover Costs of Care

Beyond prolonging independence, ChooseHome is also a potentially cost-saving option or supplement to traditional long-term care insurance options.

Personal Service Coordinator

Personal Services Coordinator

Your personal connection to your individualized program who serves as your guide, as well as your trusted advocate, on the journey to active and independent aging at home.

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