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It's true 90 percent of us want to live in our own homes for our entire lives. Today, with 10,000 people turning 65 every day, a lot more are thinking about how and where they will live during their retirement.

Many, after reviewing all of their options, will find a new home in a continuing care retirement community and end up making an enjoyable life for themselves there.

But others want to stay at home. They don't want to give up the home they know and love. They want to ChooseHome.

Today, for qualified individuals 60 and older, that's possible with Riverside Health System's Continuing Care At Home program, ChooseHome.

What is ChooseHome?

At its core, Riverside Health System's ChooseHome gives residents in the greater Williamsburg region, Gloucester and Virginia Peninsula the option to live in their home as they age.

This is not a home health program. Rather, it's a Continuing Care At Home program-also called life care at home -that brings together the resources of a health system to help members stay as healthy as possible as they age (so they can safely remain in their home as they age). It's a long - term planning solution, helping members ensure their homes are prepared for them to safely age in them. And it's a retirement solution, helping members ensure they plan their finances and resources to age with them through retirement years.

What does ChooseHome offer?

Offered to residents 60 and older, ChooseHome brings clients individualized support they need to remain living in their own home safely and comfortably for as long as possible, possibly for life.

ChooseHome combines a plan that coordinates and provides care while also helping to cover costs with a personal services coordinator to assist them in developing a personalized plan crafted to maximize active, independent aging. That personal services coordinator, the heart of the ChooseHome program, has been called a "rent a daughter" position because they help coordinate many of the same things for members that their own children would, including navigating health care services and home improvements with area contractors.

ChooseHome in Virginia

ChooseHome became the first official Virginia provider of what's called Community-Based Continuing Care in June 2015 when the program launched, and since has quickly become one of the fastest growing programs of its kind in the country.

Also known as life care at home, CBCC programs provide services and benefits to independent older adults who wish to remain in their homes, but want to have access to a safety net of continuing care services and control over the cost of long-term care.

Because this program takes elements of retirement community living and helps residents stay in their own home, it is still licensed through the Virginia Bureau of Insurance and provides priority access to a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRCs) should the participant require a higher level of care in the future, such as assisted living or 24-hour nursing care.

Participating CCRCs include Williamsburg Landing and Riverside Health System's Patriots Colony in Williamsburg, Warwick Forest in Newport News near Yorktown, and Sanders in Gloucester.

The ability to remain in your own home for as long as possible, while also not wanting to be a burden on family members as you age, is something that's important to many area residents. It's why many are building and remodeling homes to be able to live there safely and why Riverside is helping ensure they stay healthy enough to stay there. If they choose. Riverside designed ChooseHome to help individuals address all realities of growing older and needing care over the long term.

Why ChooseHome?

Why choose ChooseHome? Here's what our members said:

As they age, they …

  • do not want to lose independence
  • do not want to be a burden on their kids.
  • want help coordinating their care with an advocate they trust.
  • want to be able to cover or help cover the costs of their long-term care
  • want to ensure they have access to the care they need, as soon as they need it, in places they prefer.
  • want help navigating the options, costs and realities of aging related insurances, from what Medicare covers to Long-term Care insurance and what ChooseHome offers.
  • do not want to be isolated or homebound once if they do require more advanced care and it's harder for them to get around or they're no longer able to drive.
  • do not want to outlive their money or resources.

A Complete Guide to ChooseHome: PDF

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