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Selecting the ChooseHome Membership Option that's right for you 

While ChooseHome offers you an important choice around the ability to remain in the home you love and enjoy, it also offers flexibility regarding membership plans, including the following options, all of which are based on a range of entry fees and monthly fees. Please note that fees are determined by your age at the time you enroll and select a membership/plan. As an added benefit related to taxes, both the entry and monthly fee are considered as prepaid health care expenses:

The Four Plans

The Comprehensive Plan: As the name implies, the Comprehensive Plan offers ChooseHome members full coverage for 100 per cent of all services provided by the program to a set daily amount that will grow each year. The Comprehensive Plan is designed to enable you to insure fully against – and take complete control of – the potentially catastrophic costs of long-term care services.

The Premier Plan: ChooseHome members who select the Premier Plan receive coverage ranging from 75 percent to 100 percent of the cost of services with a daily limit that grows each year. This plan is designed for members who want to effectively plan for their long-term care needs but want to contribute to the costs of services as they are needed and used.

The Choice Plan: Developed for members who want to supplement gaps in their existing financial plans and care coverage, the Choice Plan provides coverage ranging from 50 percent to 100 percent for services provided through ChooseHome up to a set daily amount that continues to increase each year.

The Select Plan: This plan requires the lowest entrance fee and is designed for members who want to supplement existing plans for facility-based care with coverage for home-based services. It provides coverage ranging from 70 percent to 100 percent for home-based services.

The Two Coverage Term Choices

Each of the four plans is offered with either a standard (1,095/three year) term of coverage or a long-term (1,825/five year) coverage period. The coverage period is counted by day of use and is not consecutive.

For example, if you choose the standard term and need home health services for 10 days to recover from a surgery, and then no longer need them for that event, you would have a balance of 1,085 days of remaining service. Personal Service Coordination, Wellness Planning and other specified services do not apply towards the coverage period and are available to you from the first day your membership begins.

For specific fee structures and related information regarding plan and coverage term choices, please talk with us at 757-585-2654 or email us at [email protected].

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