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Gain an edge or help prevent injury

Riverside has invested in state-of-the-art motion analysis software offered by Dartfish. The software is used by multiple professional sports teams and national teams in order to break down and analyze athletic movements.

A runner's stride can be broken down to 120 fps (frames per second) in order to identify subtle compensations that are not able to be seen in real time. This running analysis is great at identifying areas of improvement and for prevention or correction of injury.

The Dartfish running analysis is performed by a physical therapist and includes:

  • Mechanical assessment to identify asymmetries or potential areas of injury
  • Footwear review and recommendation
  • Dartfish video analysis of your running form
  • Home exercise program to improve your biomechanics

What to wear

  • Please wear tight fitting running clothes, spandex or compression shorts.
  • Solid colors work best for this type of analysis.



We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, personal check and cash.

Running analysis:
$90 for members of Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center

Follow-up assessment:
$40 for members of Riverside Wellness & Fitness Center


Contact the desired Physical Therapy location or 757-534-6126.