Patient care

Riverside Performing Arts Medicine provides medical and physical therapy services specific to the needs of dancers. Our clinicians understand the importance of safely and efficiently returning to dance after an injury.

Dancer screening

Riverside Performing Arts Medicine offers FREE dancer screenings to professional and pre-professional dancers. We use a multidisciplinary approach to assessing your potential injury risks and enhancing your performance. Screenings help to reveal strengths, weaknesses, movement patterns and structural deficiencies. After an evaluation of the screen results, dancers are given exercises and education to complement their specific needs.

Dartfish video analysis

Riverside Performing Arts Medicine offers Dartfish Video Analysis for dancers. Dartfish was the featured software at the Sochi Olympics. Dancer movements are critiqued from all angles, and a physical therapist analyzes the video and provides feedback to the teacher and dancer.

This is an excellent tool to reveal those "hidden" technical faults or poor mechanics. Choreographers and dance instructors cannot watch their dancers in slow-motion, but Dartfish can!