Vestibular rehabilitation Therapy is a specialized form of therapy designed to treat problems caused by vestibular disorders, vertigo and dizziness, trouble with vision, and/or imbalance and falls. Some of the most common vestibular disorders include BPPV, Labyrinthitis, and Meniere’s Disease. Treatment typically involves a comprehensive clinic assessment using various tests to objectively screen and evaluate the patient’s impairments. A customized exercise plan is development based on these findings, as well as results from laboratory tests, imaging studies and input from the patient.

Frequently asked questions:

Feelings of being off balance or as if the world is spinning
Blurred or double vision
Falling or stumbling
Depending on the cause, severity and duration of symptoms; most people have 6-8 sessions. Some may only need 1-2 sessions. Other may require several months of ongoing treatments including doing exercises on their own.
Dizziness and balance typically go together. Dizziness occurs when your spatial orientation, or body positioning in relation to space, is affected. Balance involves your brain understanding your environment and being able to react to changes that occur. Vestibular therapy helps reorient these connections through various exercises and/or positioning techniques.


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