General Surgery

Depth of surgical specialization at Riverside Health System

Specialized surgical care is available right here at Riverside Health System. With extensive surgical specialization across clinical specialties and technology innovation with our da Vinci Xi™ Surgical System, expert surgeons and specially trained surgery support staff care for any surgical need. Our dedicated acute care trauma team supports the Peninsula's only Level II Trauma Center at Riverside Regional Medical Center for even the most complex surgical care due to trauma. 

Comprehensive surgical experience across all clinical specialties 

With an entire system of care supporting your health needs, patients benefit from the experience and expertise of a team of surgical specialists at Riverside. Our surgeons work together with every clinical specialty, so you have the collaboration and coordination of care from your primary care physicians, clinical specialists and surgical team. 

Our general surgeons work together with specialized clinical teams across oncology, gastroenterology, gynecology and urology. This partnership of experts offers improved outcomes for comprehensive surgical procedures, including:

Surgical oncology excellence for any need

With fellowship-trained surgical specialists for many of the types of cancers we treat, including breast, pancreatic and colon cancer, we provide best-in-class surgical care for our patients. In addition, our endoscopic specialists provide less invasive techniques for diagnostic and treatment interventions for our cancer patients. These non-surgical techniques allow for careful monitoring of your cancer, but with less trauma.

Our multidisciplinary approach to cancer care means the Riverside surgical oncology team works together with cancer care team members, including tumor board collaborations, for an individualized approach for each patient. Our team makes sure you have the right treatment plan for your unique goals and objectives. 

Minimally invasive surgical techniques benefit patients

Using advanced and minimally invasive surgical capabilities, the Riverside surgery team provides endoscopic and robotic options for diagnostic and surgical techniques that benefit patients, including:

  • Smaller incisions
  • Less blood loss
  • Reduced scarring
  • Shorter hospital stay
  • Faster recovery

Endoscopic excellence for GI conditions

With endoscopic diagnostic and surgical capabilities, our Riverside GI specialists have advanced therapeutic training that forms the strength of Riverside’s gastroenterology expertise. These minimally invasive endoscopic procedures allow our specially trained team to use an endoscope with a tiny camera to identify gastrointestinal issues.

Find expert surgical care, close to home

If you or a loved one needs any surgical treatment, Riverside offers innovative and life-saving surgical procedures. You’ll be able to stay close to home for your surgery, recovery and healing. Learn more about surgical capabilities at Riverside.