General Surgery

Lumps in the breast can either be benign, or malignant (cancerous). If a lump has been detected that is cancerous a lumpectomy (excising the lump) or mastectomy (removing the entire breast) may be necessary.

We recommend all women do regular breast self-exams in addition to those done annually by a health care provider. Women should also have mammograms on a schedule that your doctor recommends. When you start having mammograms and how often you have them may vary based on family history and other factors. Early detection is your best prevention! When you find a lump when it is in an early stage, it is much more treatable.

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Breast procedures

Surgeons at Riverside perform several different types of breast surgery.

Breast biopsies: A needle biopsy involves a small incision and the removal of cells from the lump. The sample is examined a pathologist.

Lumpectomy: A lumpectomy, sometimes called a partial mastectomy, is used to extract a cancerous lump from the breast. This procedure is typically recommended for patients with small, localized tumors.

Mastectomy: When a more advanced form of cancer has developed, a mastectomy may be required. This is the complete removal of the breast. During a mastectomy, the breast tissue and axillary (armpit) lymph nodes are removed. After surgery, reconstruction of the breast may be an option, either immediately or later.