We encourage you to take some time and learn as much as you can about Riverside Health System. We encourage you to explore the vast amount of services that Riverside has to offer.

NOTE: Due to the uniqueness of various roles throughout Riverside, please use these questions whenever you find them relevant.

Recommended To Do’s

Consider the questions below to ensure a successful first day.

Preparing for your first day:

  • Do you have your leaders’, recruiter’s, or HR Contact email address?
  • Do you know what time to be at work?
  • Have you been sent advanced communication on New Team Member’s System Wide Orientation?
  • How will you get to work?
  • Where will you park?
  • Are you familiar with your department dress code?
  • Is there an onsite cafeteria or should I bring my food?
  • Send your leader an email and let them know how excited you are to be joining the team. Ask any other questions that come to mind that will help you have a smooth transition as you begin your employment with Riverside.

Background Screening

As part of the pre-employment screening process we require that all candidates complete a background screening. This screening will be conducted by Universal Background Screening which maintains the highest level of security and confidentiality. Before you begin please be sure that you have the following information available: Social Security Card, Birth Date, City, State and zip code of all your residences within the past seven years and your Driver’s License number and state where it was used.
Professional References
We use a third party reference verification site to collect professional references from previous employers. You will need to provide contact information for at least two (2) supervisors and/or managers and three (3) co-workers. Once you receive the email prompting you to log into the reference system, please provide the following information for each reference:

  • Name
  • Title and Company
  • Phone Number
  • Email

Electronic OnBoarding Documents

You must have your electronic onboarding forms completed 24 hours prior to your New Hire Assessment Appointment. In order to get the Onboarding process started, please log in to our New Hire Portal via the link provided in your Welcome email. There you will be able to update your information, review company and employment documents and complete relevant tasks prior to your New Hire Assessment Appointment. If you are unable to complete your electronic onboarding forms, please arrive 45 minutes early to complete these forms in our office prior to your New Hire Assessment Appointment.