Our nursing leadership and governance structure is an important thing to consider. Nursing team members are charged to make decisions through participation in shared governance. Our focus is on evidence-based care and best practice for nursing and all other disciplines.

Chief Nursing Officer

Nursing within Riverside is organized and directed by the Chief Nursing Officer, a Senior Vice President who also serves on the RHS Board of Directors. The CNO provides strategic and operational leadership so that nursing services are an integral part of the health care team and to ensure a positive experience for those in our care. Meet our CNO.

Senior Operational Nursing Leadership for Acute Care, Lifelong Health and Riverside Medical Group

Our senior operational nursing leaders hold overall accountability for providing operational nursing leadership, direction and administration of operations associated with the patient or resident experience while ensuring their unique needs are met in Riverside's acute care hospitals, Lifelong Health facilities and across 100-plus Riverside Medical Group practices.

Nurse Executive Council

The NEC is the operations council for nursing within Riverside. This group, comprised of CNO-appointed nurse leaders:

  • Defines and enhances nursing practice for the health system
  • Determines and addresses the knowledge-based requirements and guidelines of the nursing team
  • Ensures information and clinical technology are designed to meet the needs of individuals
  • Promotes safe transitions of care and delivery of excellent evidence-based nursing care

Clinical Professional Practice Council

The Clinical Professional Practice Council is the shared governance council for systemwide evidence-based nursing practice. The group meets quarterly.

Clinical Practice Forums

These forums are at the heart of shared governance. They provide an essential structure and network that gives our nursing team a voice. Clinical Practice Forum leaders serve on the Clinical Professional Practice Council. The forums are responsible to:

  • Communicate evidence-based nursing practice at the local levels
  • Evaluate and recommend quality, patient safety and patient experience initiatives
  • Standardize processes, policies and procedures as indicated
  • Promote professional practice
  • Recommend equipment and supplies for evaluation

The Clinical Practice Forums include: Surgical Services, Medical-Surgical, Emergency Services, Critical Care, Oncology, Gerontology Nursing, Birthing and Family Services, Clinical Informatics, Care Management, Behavioral Health and Education/Development.

Riverside Nursing Team Members

Each Riverside nursing team member is integral to what we do. This includes nursing team members in leadership, management, direct care and support positions across our complex, integrated health care system.