Roger Jackson, Outpatient Physical Therapist

The Power of Healing and Rehabilitation

Roger Jackson was introduced to physical therapy through personal experience when his grandmother had both knees replaced. The level of care she received afterwards “opened his eyes to how powerful the profession can be.”

For Jackson, the power is in successfully developing plans that assess and improve how patients are moving to regain mobility and function in their lives. The payoff for Jackson comes “when patients start buying in. They’re doing their exercises and they’re feeling better. That really makes you feel good about yourself. You’re excited to go to work the next day.”

And finding a supportive workplace makes what he does that much easier. “Riverside is great to work for which is why I’ve been here for 11 years now. Everyone gets along and we work well together. Our clinic here is very much a family atmosphere, so that makes it very easy to come to work every day.”