Lise Lapointe-Murer, Acute Care Nurse Therapist

The Rewards of Helping Patients Overcome Physical Challenges

When Lisa Lapointe-Murer was in college, she knew she wanted to pursue a medical career after being an athletic trainer for student athletes. Physical therapy has been the perfect fit.

During her career, she feels she’s been fortunate to “see the joy of a patient walking for the first time after a serious injury. It’s very rewarding to see someone overcome their physical challenges and be able to regain their independence.”

She also sees herself as fortunate to be part of the Riverside team. “I love my job here. It’s a real gift to have a job that you enjoy coming to every day. Riverside is a great place to work because it offers many opportunities for physical therapists. Because we’re a large health system, you can work in various settings, and there are many opportunities for education, advancement and leadership.”

The biggest opportunity of all? “I’ve had the opportunity to see patient’s tears of joy when they’re able to walk after being in pain for months. We’re the first ones that get to allow them to do that safely. It’s a pleasure beyond belief.”