Leslie Carlson, Speech Pathologist

The Power of Renewing a Patient’s Social Life

Leslie Carlson always had an interest in communication and how it impacts everyday life. Speech language pathology allows Carlson to help those that have lost the ability to speak or swallow due to illness or injury.

Because Carlson’s work involves two very social activities—talking and eating—results can be truly life changing. “They can communicate, eat or drink what they want, have successful relationships, or go out with friends and have a meal. That’s the best part of my job. Seeing my patients leave and go live their life to the highest level of independence and quality they can.”

Not only has Carlson found a truly rewarding profession, she’s found a workplace that fits. “Riverside is a great place to work. They’re very helpful in any situation. My team is fantastic and I can turn to any one of them with questions or ask for help. They’re always there.”