Joey Meadows, Home Health Therapist

Educating and Empowering Patients to Achieve Their Goals

Joey Meadows was impressed with Riverside’s team approach to patient education and rehabilitation when his brother suffered a spinal injury and was able to make a complete recovery. It was then that he decided to choose physical therapy as a career.

Meadows particularly enjoys being part of the physical therapy team in the home health setting because it allows him to see what challenges his patients are facing in their homes. As a result, he can develop plans that “empower patients to achieve the life and abilities they want to have. There aren’t many professions where you can make such a difference in people’s lives.”

So what makes Riverside physical therapy so rewarding? Meadows thinks it’s the team approach and patient centered focus. “We do a lot of collaborating across the disciplines and communicating across the continuum of care.” And the Riverside Care Difference ensures that it’s “not just about the clinical outcomes but also addressing the patient’s needs and goals.”