Join the Riverside Medical Group on the Eastern Shore

More About the Shore

There’s nothing like relocating to take you out of your comfort zone, especially when it involves a new workplace and a new community. And those decisions that involve professional and lifestyle changes are even tougher when other people are involved and affected by the choices you make.

Experiencing a bit of anxiety is a natural response to these kinds of changes but getting more of the information can make the whole process less stressful. That’s why we offer some insight into what it’s like to be part of the Riverside team and live on Virginia’s Eastern Shore.

Real Estate: Finding a Home

Find out about all the different home options, the distinct nature of different towns and communities, and the surprising affordability, including water-view homes and homes with adjoining property.


Education: The ABCs of Local Schools

Learn about the availability of local public and private schools, the Bayly-Tiffany scholarship to UVA and some grads who represent education on the Shore – plus some thoughts from teachers and Riverside team members with children in school

Hear from Caroline Harvie as she shares her perspective on being educated on the Eastern Shore.

Hear from Blaire Bloxom as she talks about her education on the Eastern Shore

Hear from T’sara Nock as she talks about growing up and getting an education on the Eastern Shore.