Riverside Neurological & Spine Institute offers patients and their referring physicians the most comprehensive neurological diagnosis and treatment available in coastal Virginia, making the Virginia Peninsula a destination for neurosurgical and neurointerventional care.

The expertise of fellowship-trained neurosurgeons, interventional neuroradiologists, neurologists, medical physicists, radiation oncologists and other highly skilled professionals combine to create a center of excellence. Each individual patient receives the full benefit of their collective body of knowledge, training and experience.

Neurosurgery team
The human brain has been called the most complex living structure in the universe. Treating brain and nervous system disorders requires expert skill, accuracy and precision. Our fellowship-trained surgeons utilize the latest technologies for spinal and cranial surgery, which includes multi-dimensional surgical imaging. Our thorough diagnosis may steer you to other options to relieve pain, but when surgery is the answer, our neurosurgeons use the least invasive procedure possible.

Neurorehabilitation team
Our multidisciplinary approach to care includes a team of rehabilitation professionals to help individuals overcome physical, cognitive and emotional issues that often result from neurological conditions.

Neurovascular team
Time is of the essence when someone is affected by stroke, aneurysms, cerebrovascular disease and similar brain conditions. Within minutes our neurovascular team can respond and significantly improve medical outcomes and positively impact future quality of life. Our talented and highly skilled physicians, using innovative image-guided technology, provide for the full range of common and complex blood flow problems affecting the brain and spinal cord.