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Comprehensive Adult Acute Services for Improved Well-being

Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center provides a stable, secure and supportive environment for healing. Our specially trained professionals assist adults, 18 years and older, experiencing psychiatric, emotional and/or substance abuse problems, including those in crisis. We’re here to help – and are just a phone call away. If you or your loved one is suffering and needs help, please call us today at 1-757-827-3119 – to begin the path to improved wellness.

Professional Care for Adult Acute Services in a Supportive Environment

With a multi-disciplinary approach to improved health, our Riverside team offers comprehensive inpatient care for mental health or chemical dependency needs. Working together, our psychiatric and chemical dependency treatment experts provide short-term, highly specialized individual programs for success. Within our hospital setting, you will receive care in a stable, secure and supportive environment. Our comprehensive programs include:

Intensive Treatment Program: The Intensive Treatment Program, or ITP, assesses and rapidly stabilizes adults experiencing severe psychiatric illnesses. The goal of treatment is to reduce and manage the patient's symptoms and help patients learn about his/her illness and treatment.

Adult psychiatric services: Adult Psychiatric Services, or APSY, are targeted to adults whose psychiatric or emotional wellness requires evaluation and stabilization. With an individualized treatment plan, our team can help you or your loved one begin on the path to well-being.

Inpatient Detoxification Services: Following national standards of care by the American Society of Addiction Medicine, we offer effective outcome-oriented detoxification services from the initial withdrawal process through to pharmaceutical and therapeutic interventions.

Dual Diagnosis Services: Dual diagnosis treatment assists patients whose alcohol and drug problems cannot be addressed separately from their psychiatric issues. Many people find their recovery threatened by severe mood disorders or other issues that need to be a part of their comprehensive treatment plan. Dual diagnosis services are individually designed to address both chemical dependency and psychiatric disorders.

Specialized Therapy Services for Success

At Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center, our team provides professional therapeutic services that empower you or your loved one to recover and heal successfully. We offer a wide range of supportive services that can fit in your individualized care plan, based on your personal needs and goals, including:

  • Activity Therapy
  • Community Group
  • Coping Skills
  • Goal Setting Group
  • Life Skills
  • Medication Management
  • Professional Therapy Services
  • Spirituality Groups

Decades of experience helping adults in behavioral health crises and recovery

Patients and professionals turn to Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center when they need top quality psychiatric and substance abuse treatment backed by experience.

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If you or your loved one needs help, our Riverside team of professionals has the experience and expertise to assist on your path to wellness. Learn more about our adult acute program services,  admissions criteria or reach out for referral or assessment information by calling 1-757-827-3119. Our team is available 24/7 to help you get started today.

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