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Count on Riverside to Help with Drug and Alcohol Addiction Recovery

Our specially trained team at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center provides expert medical care for medical detox for adults 18 years and older – within a safe hospital environment. We offer effective outcome-oriented results from the initial withdrawal process through to pharmaceutical and therapeutic interventions – to begin the recovery process.

If you or someone you love needs specialized care for recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, help is just a phone call away. Please call 1-757-827-3119 and talk to one of our team members about how to get started.

National ASAM Standards for Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Care

Following national standards of care with the American Society of Addiction Medicine criteria, the Riverside team first assesses each patient’s needs. We then develop an individualized plan that will work for you. Experienced professionals provide our care in a safe and healing environment based on the level of direct medical management needed and the proper structure for each individual.

Within Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center’s hospital-based detoxification program, you can rest assured that you will have the medical support you need for recovery. Our unit is staffed 24/7 with nursing support, and you will see a provider every day to monitor progress. The benefit of being at Riverside means you have the support of the entire Riverside Health System with full-service medical capabilities – for any and every clinical concern. 

Specialized Care for Success

Each person has a unique story to tell, and we cater to your individual needs with complete support to help you recover from substance abuse. Our goal is to help you through the detoxification process with minimal discomfort and provide the support for success, including a defined plan for continued sobriety. Riverside mental health support services include:

  • Activity Therapy
  • Community Group
  • Coping Skills
  • Goal Setting Group
  • Life Skills
  • Medication Management
  • Professional Therapy Services
  • Spirituality Groups

One of the essential aspects of detoxification services at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center is our discharge planning. We actually begin your discharge planning at admission, so you or your loved one is aware of the entire plan from the very beginning – all based on personal needs and goals. Once the detoxification process is complete and symptoms subside, our goal is to help move right into the next step of the recovery process. Riverside accompanies you every step of the way with understanding and support.

Begin Your Recovery Today

Riverside’s team is ready to help you get started on your path to recovery. We accept voluntary admission or referrals. We’re here to guide you through a personalized approach to healing. Please call 1-757-827-3119, and we’ll help you understand the process and answer any questions about our program.

We look forward to helping you or your loved one get started.

Addiction Programs to Support Recovery

Recovery at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center

Recovery Support Services at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center

Peer Support Specialist at Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center

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