Mental Health

Our Admissions team offers 24/7 support for individuals experiencing mental health issues. A consult over the phone or an assessment via videoconferencing or in person helps us recommend the appropriate treatment, either with us or another provider in your community. Call us at 757-827-3119 for guidance from any member of our team.

What we'll ask

We respect your privacy and will maintain confidentiality when you call. We may ask a few questions to help us assist you.

  • What is your name?
  • Where you are calling from?
  • What is your gender and age?
  • What led you to call us and what is your desired goal for help?
  • Is your safety or the safety of another a concern?
  • Would you be interested in coming for an assessment?
  • Do you have existing providers already helping?

Programs and services

If hospitalization is recommended, we will assist you with admission to one of our Riverside Mental Health & Recovery Center programs.

Assessments for crisis situations

Riverside provides behavioral health crisis assessment, provider information and referral support anytime, day or night. We work with local hospital emergency departments to provide telemental health assessments.

  • Risk assessments for the safety of yourself or others
  • Complicated medical withdrawal assessments
  • Worsening or unmanageable depression or mania
  • Failure of outpatient care
  • Acute stress reactions
  • Trauma assessments
  • Altered thought processes