Cancer Stories

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These stories are from cancer survivors. We are grateful that they chose to share their cancer care journeys.

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Loukeysela Patterson's story

Loukeysela never thought of herself as a fighter. Nobody could have told her what her body was capable of or how much she could endure. Patterson never imagined sitting in a Riverside exam room while a doctor delivered news that she had breast cancer. Hear Loukeysela Patterson's story

Headshot of Kate Angster 


Kate Angster's story

Breast cancer is something Kate was all too familiar with as her mother battled breast cancer. After a routine mammogram, Kate was diagnosed with breast cancer. Learn about her journey with breast cancer. Hear Kate Angster's story

Picture of Donovan Price


Donavan Price's story

Donavan Price is a husband, father and retired Air Force. At the young age of 48, Donavan was diagnosed with prostate cancer after attending a free prostate cancer screening event at Riverside Walter Reed Hospital. Donavan tells his amazing cancer journey from diagnosis to treatment and ultimately to recovery. Hear Donavan Price's story

Picture of DeAngelo Bailey


DeAngelo Bailey's story

DeAngelo Bailey was diagnosed with prostate cancer after attending a routine screening. It is now his mission to take every opportunity to share his story with others. Please share his story with the men in your life and encourage them to schedule their screening. Hear DeAngelo Bailey's story

Picture of Maria Galloway


Maria Galloway's story

Maria Galloway received a lot of advice from friends and family members when they learned she had breast cancer. The intentions were good but she stayed focused on the advice from her team of doctors and especially her oncologist. Read Maria Galloway's story

Picture of Susan Beulow


Susan Beulow's story

Cervical cancer survivor Susan Beulow of Tabb is grateful for the care she received from Dr. William Irvin. "I’d recommend him to anybody." she said. She just didn’t think she’d have to recommend him to her own daughter only two years after her own journey. Read Susan Beulow's story

Picture of Alfred Tucker


Alfred "Tucker" Spindle's story

Alfred "Tucker" Spindle knows the value of paying attention to your health, having colonoscopies done on schedule and counting on Riverside to answer your questions. Read Alfred "Tucker" Spindle's story



Kristie Lafave’s story

A colonoscopy is key to early detection of colon cancer which saved Kristie's life. We hope her story will inspire others to get recommended colorectal screenings, even if you think you are perfectly healthy. Hear Kristie’s story



Christopher Emerson’s story

Christopher Emerson was diagnosed with lung cancer after a routine Low Dose CT scan. As a former smoker, Mr. Emerson understood the importance of routine lung screening to detect cancer early when it is most treatable. Hear Christopher Emerson’s story