Imagine seeing and talking with a highly trained physician specialist who just happens to be miles away from where you are. Now imagine having that distant specialist direct the diagnostic study or treatment you need. That's telemedicine.

Picture a doctor in your rural community being able to consult, in real time, with a medical specialist or subspecialist at a major medical center while both of them simultaneously listen to your heartbeat … or work together to provide life-saving treatment for a stroke. That's telemedicine, too.

Using sophisticated teleconferencing technology along with a range of specialized peripherals – digital devices that can help assess a patient's condition remotely – telemedicine makes it possible to share clinical capabilities between one location and another, no matter how far apart they are located.

As a result the physician specialists at Riverside Regional Medical Center in Newport News, the Peninsula's most comprehensive medical facility, can reach out to other areas of the state to extend access to care and help local physicians improve patient outcomes.

Ten important benefits of telemedicine 

  • People in rural communities can take advantage of care from Riverside Regional Medical Center specialists, many of them with nationally recognized patient outcomes without traveling to the facility
  • Physicians who traditionally rotate to different care sites can interact with their patients more frequently
  • Highly personalized patient care
  • Can be less intimidating than a traditional doctor's visit for small children
  • Provides an option for patients with mobility issues
  • Post-operative follow up care closer to home
  • Earlier interventions can save lives and reduce disabilities
  • More convenient management of chronic conditions
  • Enhances community alliances and collaboration with other care providers
  • Offers secure (HIPAA compliant) communications

Riverside's telemedicine network
Riverside's telemedicine network brings a whole new meaning to "The doctor will see you now". With its ability to expand access to high quality care in rural areas, improve patient outcomes and save costs, telemedicine is positioned as an important part of the future of healthcare in our region and nation. Learn more.

MyChart Video Visits
We want you to have access to appropriate care when and where you need it. In many cases, video visits in MyChart could be an option, from the comfort of home.