Women and Infant Care

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"A mother's joy begins when new life is stirring inside ... when a tiny heartbeat is heard for the very first time, and a playful kick reminds her that she is never alone."

~ Elizabeth Stone

Welcome to one of life's most incredible journeys! We are excited to provide you a fresh, family-centered experience, focused on you - a strong, capable woman. We offer a variety of resources and tools to support you in this unforgettable journey.

Healthy Mom & Baby - A Guide to a Healthy Pregnancy

This guide gives you tips and information about a wide range of birthing services, specialty classes, helpful tools and resources (packing lists, charts, a calendar for keeping track of your appointments and a log for recording contractions - when that time comes). You can also pick up your Healthy Mom & Baby guide at your Riverside obstetrics and gynecology (OB/GYN) office.

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Mom & Baby After Delivery - A Guide to Care for You and Your Newborn

With this guide, learn about caring for your baby and yourself after delivery - postpartum care, feeding your newborn, pain management and leaving the hospital. It also tells you about a wide range of resources to care for your baby from their first breath through their first months of life. You can also pick up your Mom & Baby After Delivery guide at your Riverside OB/GYN office.

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Healthy Mom & Baby Newsletter

Along with the Mom & Baby resource guides, we offer a monthly email newsletter that is based on the month of your pregnancy through to delivery, spanning 10 months. It has helpful information for your pregnancy and delivery including tips, resources and reminders. Sign up to receive this free email newsletter.

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Newborn Education Video Library

We want you to have the information you need to care for your newest addition to your family. Our goal is to educate our patients, families, and caregivers to promote overall wellness and recovery during your stay with us and at home.

Our education library provides easy-to-understand videos on a variety of topics including newborn care, breastfeeding, baby development, shaken baby syndrome, circumcisions, immunizations, pregnancy, postpartum care and more! This video library is available 24 hours a day in English or Spanish (if prompted enter password: 02265).

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First Things First - Choose A Doctor

Nature has a way of preparing your body for childbirth and we'll help you with the rest. For starters, if you haven't chosen a doctor yet, we can help you find the provider that's right for you. At Riverside our providers are supportive, responsive and family-centered. They can help you approach this exciting time with confidence.

Visit our Find a Doctor tool to get the most up-to-date listings. Use the drop down to filter for obstetrics in your area. You can also find listings of doctors in the Healthy Mom & Baby guide and Mom & Baby After Delivery guide.