Women and Infant Care

The use of water during labor is a great comfort measure. It is safe, inexpensive and effective. Warm water immersion can diminish stress, hormones and decrease pain sensation. It directly reduces pain by increasing the body's natural pain relievers (endorphins) and can ease muscle tension that occurs with labor and allow the mother to relax between contractions.

The water gives relief from pain and pressure that can be caused by gravity by allowing the body to become weightless in the water. This can make contractions easier to deal with and give you the chance to relax while you are in labor.

We offer two types of hydrotherapy in our labor and delivery suites.

  • Two spacious in-room hydrotherapy tubs
  • Spacious in-room showers with seats

You will be able to use one of our hydrotherapy tubs or showers if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are less than 7 centimeters dilated
  • You are pregnant with one baby
  • You have a term pregnancy (37 weeks or greater)
  • You do NOT have any high risk complications or contraindications
  • There are no complications or concerns about your baby's heart rate
  • You do not have continuous intravenous (IV) infusions
  • You must have a family member/friend at the bedside while using hydrotherapy

If you decide to use hydrotherapy, talk with your doctor to let them know of your desires and plan. When you arrive to labor and delivery, make sure you let them know you would like to use one of our hydrotherapy rooms. Once you are in your room, you will sign our hydrotherapy consent form.

Hydrotherapy cannot be used if you are induced and require continuous intravenous medications. You are free to use the wireless monitoring as well as other comfort measures such as birthing balls.

You can wear our patient gowns that are provided, however most mothers feel the most comfortable in a sports bra or long tank top. This does not become heavy while wet and will dry easily. Remember to bring more than one if you decide to change into something dry.

You can have your support person join you in the shower or tub as long as they are appropriately dressed. Remember to pack a swimsuit!

You can use our labor rooms along with IV pain medications, however it will require a two-hour wait from last dose to resume tub use. If you choose to get an epidural you can no longer use hydrotherapy and may be asked to change rooms depending on demand for the labor tub.