Riverside Telemedicine Services

Telemedicine improves access and connects expertise.
Telemedicine Services

Riverside has always been committed to making high-quality care available to patients when and where they need it. Through remote health care, or telemedicine, we can now accomplish that like never before. By utilizing innovative technologies and expertise to widen the scope of health care delivery, we’re able to care for patients and foster wellness in incredible new ways. Riverside's telemedicine network brings a whole new meaning to "the doctor will see you now."

Moving toward the future

With its ability to expand access to specialized care in rural areas, improve patient outcomes, connect medical expertise and save costs, telemedicine is positioned as an important part of the future of health care in our region and nation. We are proud to be part of that future by employing an array of telemedicine services that benefit patients across the communities we serve.

Ten important benefits of telemedicine

  • Availability of highly specialized care in all communities, from rural to urban and everything in between
  • More frequent patient interactions with physicians who traditionally rotate to different care sites
  • Expanded access to providers beyond the traditional office setting
  • Highly personalized patient care
  • Easier access for patients with mobility issues
  • Postoperative follow-up care closer to home
  • Earlier interventions, which can save lives and reduce disabilities
  • More convenient management of chronic conditions
  • Enhanced community alliances and collaboration with other care providers
  • Secure (HIPAA-compliant) communications

Telemedicine services at Riverside care facilities

Using sophisticated teleconferencing technology and specialized digital medical devices, telemedicine enhances patient care around the clock across Riverside Health System and beyond. Learn more about how these services are utilized at our hospitals, doctors’ offices and other care facilities.

At-home telemedicine services through MyChart

Riverside’s telemedicine offerings also make it possible for you to seek and receive expert medical care from the comfort of your home, using your MyChart patient portal. Click here to learn how.

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