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In 2008, Riverside Regional Medical Center partnered with the ALS Association to bring the first ALS Clinic to the Hampton Roads area. The clinic is held regularly at the Riverside Neurology Specialists office in Hampton, Virginia. The ALS clinic brings a one-stop multidisciplinary evaluation to persons with ALS.

Multidisciplinary team

Each patient receives a neurological evaluation before the first clinic visit to confirm the diagnosis. In the ALS clinic patients are seen by a neurologist with special training in neuromuscular disorders and additionally receive evaluations by respiratory, speech, nutrition, physical and occupational therapists as well as a social worker and communication equipment specialists. Having a team approach helps identify and address the unique needs of persons affected by ALS and their family members.

Your story, your individual treatment

Each person with ALS has a story to tell. Our team meets before each clinic to learn that story and discuss how we can make a difference. Every patient is seen by members of our team for assessments in their area of expertise. Then at the end of the clinic, team members meet again to integrate that information and formulate a plan to ensure that the concerns and needs of each person with ALS and their family are addressed.

Getting started

The ALS Clinic is held regularly at the Riverside Neurology Specialists office in Hampton, Virginia. For more information or to schedule an initial evaluation, call 757-534-5100.

Physician referrals can be faxed to 757-534-5395. Consultation and evaluation with a member of the neurology team must be made prior to the first clinic visit.

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