Lifelong Health

Quality Nursing Home Care Aids in Pressure Ulcer Prevention

By "Dill Larden"

About five years ago, my mother—then in her mid 90s—lost her mobility and was no longer capable of caring for herself. Based on her preferences, my family decided to arrange for her to receive home health care at her longtime residence in Gloucester County, Virginia. We hoped that this would ease her discomfort and respect her care preferences.

A home health care aide began to visit my mother on a daily basis. Despite the best efforts of her caregiver and our continuous support, she developed three pressure ulcers.

As the condition worsened, we knew it was absolutely necessary to find an alternative to home health care. She was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment, then transferred to Riverside Convalescent Center–West Point.

Once my mother arrived at RCC-West Point, a wound specialist reviewed her situation and made recommendations. We learned that one of the keys to healing and preventing future ulcers is a balanced diet. The West Point staff established a meal plan to help her eat regularly and nutritiously.

She also started receiving around-the-clock care, including routine changes of clothing, bedding and wound dressings, which help keep her dry and clean. Her mattress, with individually inflatable cells, helps better distribute the pressure on her body, and the nursing staff makes sure to turn her regularly. As a result, her pressure ulcers are virtually gone, and no new ulcers have developed.

I am very happy with the consideration, clear communication and common sense approach demonstrated by the RCC-West Point team. The facility holds monthly care planning conferences, so I always know what is going on and am actively involved in my mother's care management.

Moving my mother to RCC-West Point was one of the best things we ever did. My family and I are at ease knowing that she's receiving the quality, professional care that she needs and deserves. Thanks to them, she's in relatively good health and spirits, and she recently celebrated her 101st birthday.