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Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda Referral

Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda offers residents long term care services with a family-like atmosphere. We are here to partner with you with ensure your loved ones receive the best possible care.

Located in the Middlesex County, Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda is the home-like setting that your loved one can thrive in. We also offer rehabilitation therapy services to include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, and Speech Therapy.

We also have a Medical Director as well as Nurse Practitioners and a Geriatric Psychiatric-Nurse Practitioner to help address resident’s medical or clinical needs.

• Ventilator Systems
• Cuffed Tracheotomies
• Chest Tubes
• Telemetry Monitoring
• TPN- Total Parenteral Nutrition
• Requires Negative Air Flow Precautions
• NG Tubes
• Transfusions (at the Center)
• Active TB
• Behaviors Placing Self or Others at Risk
• Active Illegal Substance Use Disorders
• Restraints
• Peritoneal Dialysis
• IV Drugs
• IV Antibiotics
• IV Fluids

• Medicare/Skilled Payer
• Acute or Severe Mental Health Needs
• Acute Severe Burns
• Tracheotomy (new)
• Registered Sex Offenders
• Respiratory Needs (except low flow O2 & suction)



  • Respite care
  • Long-term care
  • Hospice

What we will need:

• List of current medications
• Nurses notes
• Physician notes
• Physical therapy notes
• Discharge summary
• Recent Negative TB test or negative chest X-ray
• One recent negative COVID-19 test
• UAI (if Medicaid or Medicaid Pending) or documentation of non-screening determination(even if they are not Medicaid or applying for Medicaid, this is required)

At Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda, we know it can be challenging to ensure all of your patients get placed into the best possible setting. Patients and families want great care in a convenient location than can handle all of their concerns, and finding that can take some work.

We are here to help make your job a little easier.

We would love to make sure you have everything you need to get your patients into Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda quickly and enjoy a smooth transition from your care to ours.

Call us today, and we can help get you set up for success. Tell us about any barriers that you are currently battling and let us see how we can help. We understand these can be tough conversations and would like to make that easier for you and your loved ones. Please reach out to out Admissions Director, Debbie Coleman, BSW at


Email: [email protected]

Clinical team

• Physician
• Nurse practitioner
• Nursing team
• Physical therapists
• Occupational therapists
• Speech therapists
• Geriatric-Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Admissions team
• Call us at 804-758-2363 to learn more about us!

Hospitality Team

• Dietician
• Housekeeping
• Social worker

View our Admissions Contacts separated by facility.

Contact us

Riverside Lifelong Health & Rehabilitation Saluda
672 Gloucester Rd.
Saluda, VA 23149
Office: 804-758-2363
Email: [email protected]

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“We care for others as we care for those we love.”