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Living with dementia is a journey. The free Memory Care Navigation program is a specialized service that provides each individual and their caregivers a personalized approach to care.  

The Memory Care Navigation program includes:

  • Meeting with individuals living with dementia and their caregivers in-person, virtually, or by telephone
  • Listening carefully and responding to needs, questions, and concerns
  • Assisting individuals and caregivers with developing action steps to help address identified needs
  • Offering optional home visits, when appropriate
  • Helping customize educational opportunities and resources
  • Coordinating referrals with local and regional agencies and programs for further information and assistance
  • Providing ongoing support and a point of contact when future needs and questions arise

Self-referrals from individuals and their caregivers, and referrals from providers are welcomed. The program is free to all individuals and their caregivers. Support for the Memory Care Navigation program is generously provided in loving memory of George T. Spain, by Steve and Grace Spain along with the Spain Family, through contributions to the Riverside Foundation. 

Amanda Gada


Amanda Gada, LMSW

Memory Care Navigator

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The Memory Care Navigation program is a part of the Riverside Memory Care Progam. To learn more about Memory Care Navigation or to schedule an appointment, please call 757-378-5081 or send an email to [email protected].