Physician Residencies

Electronic Medical Records

Riverside OB/GYN Residency is committed to training residents to use all tools at their disposal to take the very best care of their patients. The rapidly burgeoning medical knowledge base mandates that obstetricians/gynecologists utilize information systems that not only bring the latest evidence-based knowledge to the physician at the point of care, but also manages the patients' information to improve care.

To meet these goals, we have concentrated on four main information areas:

  • Electronic medical record
  • Cell phones/tablets/laptops
  • On-line textbooks/databases
  • Internet resources

Riverside was one of the first OB/GYN residencies in the country with an electronic medical record. In 2017 we updated to EPIC for both our outpatient office and for the in-house hospital records.

Specific features of the program and our set-up include:

  • Epic EMR with shared note templates, ability to dictate notes and procedures
  • Computers in examination rooms, OB triage, resident work rooms
  • Protocols identifying needed immunizations, treatments, or studies by age, sex, or diagnosis.
  • "Pop-up" reminders for focused improvement efforts.
  • Reference laboratory interface for automated input.
  • Interface with “Care Everywhere” to get remote records on patients
  • Document (consult letters, EKGs, other paper forms) scanning/retrieval system.
  • Electronic prescriptions.
  • Electronic referrals.
  • EMR support and data collection capabilities for QI/research
  • Remote access on cellphone or laptop, in hospital or from home


On-line Textbooks/Databases

We have multiple textbooks, databases, calculators, and other clinical resources available for physician use on our intranet. All Riverside computers can access UpToDate via our hospital account. Some of them are HTML resources, but the textbooks actually run through the intranet using a web-based application called Nfuse. We run the textbook on the server, but you use it through the intranet. You can access these resources from home via logging into the Riverside intranet

Internet Access

Residents have full internet access on their computers in clinic, patient exam rooms, resident work areas, in the medical education conference room, and at various other locations throughout the medical center. To facilitate finding the medical resources you need, we have developed a "portal" on our intranet that easily organizes useful sites and directs you to them on the internet.


All residents receive a Riverside e-mail account that is used as our primary means of information dissemination.

All residents have access to Riverside's online website, From this site they can reach the hospital information system, Benefits, resources, and the Hospital paging system, SmartWeb.