Women's Health

Amid the nationwide infant formula shortage, Riverside Health System is committed to connecting families with resources and sharing recommendations to help navigate the formula shortage. Learn more.

Having a baby!

You may be setting out on a path that's been followed many times before… but it leads to a destination that's entirely yours. At Riverside we deliver over 2,000 babies a year, which gives us a lot of expertise and experience, but we never forget that each birth is unique and highly personal. We work hard to make sure your pregnancy, delivery and beyond is positive and memorable for you, your baby and your family.

Hospital tours and childbirth classes

Although we are not currently offering on-site childbirth classes or expectant parent tours due to COVID-19, we hope you will join us for our new virtual tours and classes. Learn more by visiting pregnancy and parenting on Riverside's online calendar or Women & Infant Care Programs and Classes.

Where to start?

You may be a little surprised at all the things you need to think about once you find out you're pregnant. That's why we developed a Healthy Birth & Baby program and guide. The helpful program is your resource for complete information during and after pregnancy. You can pick up your Healthy Mom & Baby Resources at any of our OB physician offices. This guide will tell you about Riverside's wide range of birthing services and special classes.

This guide includes:

  • A calendar for your doctor appointments
  • What you can expect at Riverside
  • Important checklists
  • A labor log sheet
  • Other helpful tools and tips

Doctor appointments

Be sure to see your doctor regularly during your pregnancy. It's important for staying healthy during this time. Next, sign up for the Healthy Mom & Baby Newsletter, 10 months of useful information that will guide you through pregnancy and childbirth. It's a free email newsletter that features tips and reminders that this is one of life's most incredible journeys.

Find a doctor

Please remember that during your pregnancy you'll need to find a doctor to care for your newborn. We'll ask you for this information when you come to the hospital for baby's birth.

Packing your suitcase

As your delivery date approaches, be sure you have packed or made a list of those things you plan to bring with you for your hospital stay. Read our suggestions for packing your suitcase.

Programs and classes

Riverside offers a variety of programs and classes for moms-to-be and their support persons.



Supportive Pregnancy Care

Led by Riverside’s certified nurse midwives, Supportive Pregnancy Care offers expectant mothers group prenatal care throughout their pregnancy with other moms due around the same time. Supportive Pregnancy Care is a program developed by the March of Dimes, provides the same number of visits as traditional prenatal care, but in a small group setting. Supportive Pregnancy Care is the best of both worlds. Moms and their partners have one-on-one time with their nurse midwife, followed by a group session where they will learn valuable prenatal education from the midwife, guest speakers, and enjoy the support of other moms.