Primary Care

At Riverside Health System, we spend a lifetime getting to know you, listening to you, and working with you as a health partner. As part of this commitment, we offer a variety of services, educational options and support. Here are just a few of the services we can provide you and your family.

Health care provider network

Riverside offers the Virginia Peninsula's largest physician network. Our doctors also serve people who live on the Middle Peninsula, Eastern Shore of Virginia and the Isle of Wight area. With Riverside Medical Group, you have access to more than 340 local doctors and health specialists. Our doctors have offices in 130 health care locations.

Our primary care providers, or PCPs, can help with most illnesses and injuries. They want to help you stay as healthy as possible. You may just need a medical screening. If you are getting older, you may need treatment for an ongoing illness. Your PCP can also coordinate your care when you need to see a board-certified specialist.

Diagnostic and imaging centers

X-rays, MRIs and CT scans are also called imaging tests. Your doctor may ask you to have an imaging test to find out more about your health. Riverside provides imaging services in convenient locations throughout southeast Virginia.

Riverside Nurse telephone triage

Riverside has a service called Riverside Nurse. You can call Riverside Nurse if you have a health problem when your doctor's office is closed. Riverside Nurse is a free phone service that's available 24/7. A registered nurse answers your questions and, if needed, refers you to a physician for treatment. Riverside Nurse also provides general health information.

Riverside MyChart

Riverside MyChart is a highly secure web-based way to contact your Riverside physician's office and staff 24/7. This free resource lets you to use the Internet to schedule doctor appointments, request prescription refills, access parts of your medical record and much more.

Fitness and health improvement classes

Riverside has Wellness and Fitness Centers in Newport News and Gloucester. Our centers blend traditional fitness with preventive care, such as health assessments and health improvement classes as well as on-site rehabilitation for cardiac and physical therapy patients.

Diabetes management

If you have diabetes, we can help you manage your diabetes. We have services like diabetes and nutrition education, classes, support groups and other resources. Ask your primary care provider for a referral.

Home care

Riverside makes it possible for you or a loved one to receive, sophisticated, at home medical care that was once limited to in-hospital stays. Home care begins with a referral from your physician. Our home care staff will work closely with your physician to establish a plan of care.

Emergency services

Our Emergency Department delivers lifesaving care, 24/7. Riverside has four emergency rooms across southeastern Virginia in Newport News, Gloucester, Williamsburg and the Eastern Shore.

If you have a non-life-threatening emergency and have the time to contact your Riverside primary care provider, your physician will make arrangements for you to be seen in the emergency room by an emergency physician within 30 minutes of your arrival, sooner if the condition warrants.


Riverside hospitals serve communities on the Virginia Peninsula, Middle Peninsula and the Eastern Shore. If you are admitted to one of our hospitals, your primary care provider will coordinate your care with the hospital physician. The hospital physician is also called a "hospitalist."

Outpatient centers

Riverside outpatient centers for surgery, diagnostics and therapy are conveniently located throughout southeast Virginia. You won’t have to travel far from home or work for tests or treatment.