Diabetes Services

Research shows that people at risk for developing diabetes can prevent or delay diabetes by modifying lifestyle. These modifications can include nutrition, exercise, stress reduction and self-management. And most importantly, these studies show that lifestyle change can be modest and still have a positive outcome. Diabetes is a serious disease, but it can be managed with some help from your Riverside health care team.

Your Riverside diabetes team should include:

Primary care provider. Your primary care provider can be an internist, a family medicine doctor, or a pediatrician. A PCP oversees and directs your care. We can help you select one of our primary care physicians.

Endocrinologist. An endocrinologist is a specialist in diabetes and the endocrine system.

Certified diabetes educator. A certified diabetes educator, or CDE, is an expert in providing information about managing diabetes. All of the diabetes educators are registered nurses or registered dietitians.

Depending on your individual situation, your team might include other health care providers, such as a dietitian, nurse, home health nurse, cardiologist (heart), podiatrist (foot care), nephrologist (kidney), ophthalmologist (eyes), neurologist (nerves, pain) and other specialists.

Ali Ahmed, M.D., Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists
Carl A. Gibson, M.D., Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists
Joel V. Mabalot, M.D., Riverside Endocrinology & Diabetes Specialists