Pavilion Pharmacy

A specialty pharmacy provides medications to treat complex medical conditions and provides other resources for patients. These individualized medications can be expensive and are not traditionally available through local pharmacies.

Our specialty pharmacy department has clinically-trained pharmacists and team members who assist with a personalized plan of care to help you manage your prescriptions.

Specialty Pharmacy Services

Our team is here to help you with:

  • Specialty Medication management and insurance support
  • Medication education and counseling to include:
    • Administration instructions
    • Handling, Storage and Disposal instructions
    • Discussion of potential medication side effects and interactions 
  • Clinical follow up and monitoring 
  • Coordination of prescriptions refills and delivery 
  • Applications for patient financial assistance, if needed

Our specialty team will contact you to discuss services upon receiving your prescription. A specialty pharmacist is available to discuss your new medication and develop a personalized care plan for you. All discussions between you and the pharmacist are documented in your medical record and made available to your health care provider. We realize that your medical care may involve multiple providers and facilities. We can share your care plan with your providers to help better coordinate your care.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to a pharmacist, please call 757-612-7699.

How can I find out if my prescription is ready for pick-up?

For prescription order status, please call 757-612-7699 during regular business hours or email [email protected]. If you call after business hours, follow the prompts to leave a message for our pharmacy team. 

Does Pavilion Pharmacy use any mobile apps for refilling prescriptions?

The Specialty Pharmacy currently uses MobileRX Pharmacy app available from the app store on your phone. To view the application on the computer, please visit MobileRX Pharmacy.

Can unopened medication be returned to the pharmacy once they are picked up or delivered?

Virginia State Board of Pharmacy regulations prohibit a pharmacy to take back medications once they have left the pharmacy. If medications were shipped to your home, it is your responsibility to contact the Pavilion Pharmacy at 757-612-7699 within one (1) business day to report missing or damaged contents.

Can I transfer prescriptions from another pharmacy to Riverside?

The Riverside Specialty Team would like to take care of all your specialty prescriptions needs. In some circumstances, your health insurance provider may require you to fill your prescription at a specific pharmacy outside of Riverside Health System. . Please contact us with the name and phone number of the other pharmacy and we will let you know if we are able to fill your prescription.

If I have a compliment or concern, how do I give feedback?

In accordance with federal, state, and other regulatory requirements, Riverside Health System will investigate complaints including grievances. The Specialty Pharmacy team will contact you or your representative within five days of the complaint being filed. We will follow up with a written resolution within 14 days. 

To offer feedback, grievances or complaints, please contact the pharmacy manager at 757-612-7681.

What does "Co-Pay" mean?

Depending on your insurance plan, it is either a fixed payment or a percent of total cost for a covered service. You make this payment each time you receive this service. 

What does Prior Authorization (PA) mean?

The medication being prescribed is not covered by your plan without supporting information such as medications you have already tried and failed. The Specialty Pharmacy team will work with your provider's office to get this authorization. We will keep you updated throughout the process.

What does "STEP" therapy mean?

Your insurance plan wants you to try other less expensive medicines, or "steps", before they will pay for the prescribed medication. 

What does exceeded my quantity limit mean?

Your provider has written your prescription for a certain quantity of medication, but it is more than your insurance will cover. This can be limited to tablets per day or how many months of medication you can receive at a time. The pharmacy team will explain the limits of your plan. They will work with you to answer any questions or concerns. 

What does refill-too-soon or RTS mean?

You are trying to refill a prescription sooner than your insurance company approves. Most insurance companies allow you to refill a prescription once a certain amount of your medication is used. This is based on how many days your supply should last. If your dose has increased or you are going out of town, please contact the pharmacy immediately at 757-612-7699

If I miss a dose of my medication, what should I do?

This will vary depending on your specific medication. Please contact the pharmacy at 757-612-7699 or 1-833-978-1283 to speak with a pharmacist. 

How should I store my medication?

Refrigerated medication should be stored between 36 °F - 46 °F. Other medication generally requires storage in a dry place and away from children for safety. Some medications require storage in the original container. Our specialty pharmacists will review proper storage of your specific medication.

How should I get rid of unused medication? 

Many unused or expired medicines can be disposed of in your household trash. Please refer the FDA for a list of medications acceptable for flushing down a toilet or trash disposal. 

What is a 'sharps' container?

Sharps containers are specially designed plastic containers for safely collecting needles, syringes and other sharp objects used for injecting medications. If your therapy includes use of needles, we will provide you a 'sharps' container that is the right size. 

How do I properly dispose of syringes and needles?

Place all needles, syringes, lancets and other sharp objects in the 'sharps' container. Before you throw it away, use heavy-duty tape to secure the top on tight. Do not use clear plastic or glass containers. Containers should be no more than ¾ full to reduce the risk of accidental needle “sticks.” 

What is the safest way to prevent injury from needles?

  • Never replace the cap on needles.
  • Throw away used needles immediately after use in a sharps disposal container.
  • Plan for the safe handling and disposal of needles before using them.
  • Report all needle sticks or sharps-related injuries promptly to your health care provider.