Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Meet Our Team : Glenda Britton, Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

A Love Story In Nursing

Glenda Britton's is a love story.

She started out volunteering for the local rescue squad –and fell in instant love with medicine.

She moved on to a job in the emergency room as a tech –and fell in love with helping people.

Then she worked her way through paramedic school –but realized she loved the emergency room and didn't want to leave.

So she continued her education to become a registered nurse and hasn't looked back.

"Taking care of people is the most rewarding part of my job," said Britton, who today serves as a Registered Nurse in the Riverside Walter Reed Hospital Emergency Department.

It's knowing you've helped somebody through what might have been the worst day of their life, she added. Or being there to softly comfort people, helping them with whatever they are going through.

"Nursing is a career where you can go from bringing life into the world to being by someone's side in their last days," Britton said. "There is no other field out there like this."