Riverside Walter Reed Hospital

Meet Our Team : Timothy Kisner, Registered Nurse, Emergency Department

Nursing: A Family Business For Emergency Department RN

Nursing. It's a family business. At least, in Timothy Kisner's family it's the family business. You could say it runs in their blood.

After serving in the U.S. military for 17 years, Kisner, inspired by his family, entered nursing school.

"All of my family have been nurses," said Kisner, now a Registered Nurse at the Riverside Walter Reed Emergency Department. "My mom was an emergency room nurse. My wife is a nurse. My daughter is a nurse. It really runs in the family."

Plus, Kisner said, "I really enjoy helping people," especially children.

Working in the Emergency Department "is the most ideal situation for me," Kisner said. "I get to help a vast array of patients, including children, with everything from broken bones to the coughs, colds and sniffles."

But it's not just Kisner helping each patient, he said. In fact, that's one of the biggest reasons he enjoys his work at Walter Reed.

"Everyone helps one another," Kisner said. "There's not a moment that goes by that we are not helping each other help patients. With this small emergency room, it wouldn't work if we didn't work as a team."